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The following is a guide ony.

For more information please call Joh on 07849 409882. 

PORTRAITS  (unframed)

Horses (one head) 
Full colour pastel study from £260. (50 x 60cm approx)

Full colour acrylic painting from £500. (50 x 60cm approx)

Dogs and other pets (one head) 40 x 50cm approx

Full colour pastel from £230 

Charcoal sketch from £90 


Work can be framed according to clients wishes at an additional cost.

Initial consultation, reference sketches and photos are undertaken and included in the price if local to The New Forest area. 
A small fee may be charged to travel futher afield.



Please call for a free consultation including a detailed estimate of cost. Each job is different and each clients needs are different. We offer Murals, Trompe L'eoil and Paint effect for both interior and exterior walls including matt or satin wipe cleanable protective finish to prolong the life of your mural. As long as your surface is relatively smooth and clean we can paint it!

As a rough guide prices for small jobs such as one wall in a bedroom or a small garden wall start from around £180  

SCULPTURES. All sculptures are unique and prices vary depending on size and materials. Please contact Joh for more information.


P o r t r a i t s     M u r a l s    S c u l p t u r e
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