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Contact me to discuss your requirements or call 07849 409 882​


Art sessions are fun as well as being educational and therapeutic. I teach the basics and then let people enjoy the experience in a relaxed and creative atmosphere. 

Sessions are available to everyone of any age or ability either as a group or on a one to one basis. 

I enjoy tailoring sessions for vulnerable adults or children, and people living with dementia who benefit greatly 

from these colourful and sensory classes.

I also offer craft events for Birthday Parties and Hen Do's, particularly subjects such as the pebble painting, glass jar decoupage or dream catcher making. 


The sessions

Water colour...I provide stretched paper and water colour paints. with water colour pencils and either a still life or wild sketching can be arranged during warmer months.

Coloured chalk pastels...Similar to a watercolour session but with pastel paper and also charcoal.

Painted pebbles...A variety of ideas from flowers and landscapes to poems and simple words. Varnished so durable indoors or in the garden

Dream catchers...Made from hazel bent into a circle. Then wool, crystals and wire, decorated with feathers and jewels.

Decoupage... on glass upcycled jars.

Air dry clay

Decorated trinket boxes

Imagineer Boards...These are boards that we decorate using collage of mixed media to create a glance of what we aim for in our lives. Or, in some cases, to trigger memories by using memorabilia from bygone times such as magazines from 50s 60s and 70s.

I use naturally sourced and foraged materials where possible, including clay, driftwood and deadwood, leaves and seedheads etc to provide a holistic approach to learning in a calm but engaged, fun way. Using arts and crafts as a way to replenish the soul with a positive, nourishing energy. We will use the seasons to guide and inform the sessions by focussing on what is available and relevant, such as Christmas wreaths and dried fruit decorations in Winter and flowers and landscapes in Summer.


P o r t r a i t s     M u r a l s    S c u l p t u r e
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