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Webinsight offers cross-platform e-learning development using Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline.   We are happy to discuss your needs and to advise. 

The Lorenzo system

Lorenzo is a major record-keeping system that has rolled out to many NHS health


This contract involved creating many e-learning modules covering the use of

this major application from the perspective of the various health professionals


The modules themselves are examples of System Training e-learning. In this case

they are also interactive - learners are required to click on menus, select

options etc.


This interesting hybrid module covered the use of a custom Microsoft Word toolbar that a major international software company was introducing across all their sites.

Although, strictly speaking system training it was decided to create it as a soft-skills module therefore allowing us to make it more interactive and engaging

Flooring issues

This project for FeRFA consisted of a series of modules that covered the installation and testing of resin flooring.

It featured a table of contents, custom navigation, quizes and voice-overs

Understanding Interest Payments.

This soft-skills e-learning project for a major UK mortage-lending company was aimed at staff under training to become mortgage advisors.It features custom multiple-choice quiz slides and scripting to control the learner's experience.

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